I “Heart” San Francisco

In Travel, Viva-La-Vida on 2010/06/01 at 11:50 PM

Everyone knows I love to travel. Being up in the air, take off, few hours later a whole new different city.

San Francisco trip is a much-needed getaway since my Washington DC trip in April. Originally it was brewed between my cousin & I whether flying to Arizona experiencing the splendid outdoors or to Seattle bathing in the taste of coffee beans and romantic rains. But eventually the plan changed, I decided to visit San Francisco, a city I’ve been to several times, but also a city I never felt I’ve seen enough.

Regardless of the hassle in Atlanta airport, the places I went and experience I had totally served as the best stimuli for my desperation for a brand new start back to reality. If you haven’t been to the city, read on; and if you’ve already in the city, these spots are the places you don’t want to miss.

  • Arty in Japan Town: It took me 4 phone calls to get into their waitlist. This salon is located in Japan town run by an experienced stylist. This salon has a 4 star on Yelp review. Within 30 minutes I have a new hairstyle & a refreshing look. I barely like my new hairstyle every time I walk into a salon since I was little, but this time? Maybe I was just in the vacation mood, but I absolutely love it.
  • Anchor Oyster Bar: How long do you think it takes to get a taste of the freshest oyster & San Francisco clam chowder? Well, we waited for an hour. Located in Castro, this restaurant is a small yet always busy place because of its fame. We had garlic bread, oysters, prawns, and sea scallop. All of them were unforgettable. Seasoned in light sauce, each bite reveals the freshness of seafood and the tenderness of texture. Simply amazing.
  • Domaine at Yountville: “The top quality sparklers are made using the laborious methode champenoise (which means, among other things, that the bubbly undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle before the bottles are riddled, to nudge the sediment into the neck of the bottle)” (Fodor’s San Francisco, 2009) I am far from a wine tasting guru, I am just a fan of fine wine & the spirit of enjoyment. So we select their classic tasting including Brut Classic, Blanc de Noirs, Rose, and Extra Dry Riche. My favorite is the 3rd sparkle, strawberry interwoven with apple & stone fruit. There is no acid taste in the tip of tongue; purely the richness of fruit and intense booze after the liquor touches my lips.

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These are just 3 out of many fun times I had over the weekend. It’s hard not to fall in love with this beautiful city whether it’s for mesmerizing winery, breath-taking Golden Bridge, or every street with unique culture and lovely coffee shops. I think I would want to live in this city one day, and I’m working on it 🙂

Special thanks to my cousin, Alice, who introduced me this lovely city, and now it’s just impossible to not love the city less.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m fully charged after this wonderful trip. Now it’s time for some hard work!

  1. Glad you had fun. I want to go and visit San Fran one of these days cause I have friends and family up there

  2. San Fran is definitely on my to visit list. There is also so much to do that it might as well be on a to visit often list. Glad you had a good time, your story has given me wanderlust.

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