Social Media for a Good Cause

In Inspiration, Social Media on 2010/09/16 at 2:29 PM

Let’s start off with a question: What do you use social media for? 

I believe we all have different reasons. While some people, like me, use it for information and engagement, others use it for a better cause. Like Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) use his TV blog & tweets to shout out voices in our society that are rarely heard or gotten any attention.

Quite a few media & companies like Ford and YouTube have already jumped in sponsoring Mark’s roadtrip. Hoffington Post yesterday wrote an article about Mark empowering homeless people with social media. Mark’s presentation at Metro Detroit also had tremendous feedback. All in all these responses meant one thing – people, including you and I, are using social media for a good cause – to make the world better. 

While few are as talented as Mark, we can still contribute our efforts or influence for a good cause 🙂

  • Food Banks: There are quite a lot of food banks around. The one I started going to is called Gleaners– they bag hundreds or thousands bags of food each week and distribute them to families who can’t afford buying food for their children. Use your foursquares checking into these places and invite your friends to serve.

  • Retweets: Mark has now set up a site called “We Are Visible”with a list of “How To’s.” Read his article, RT those invisible people’s voice, and spread the words.

  • Slow Down, and Explore: There are many things / people in our society that need our attention. And you’d be surprised how much impact our little effort can bring if we are willing to explore and listen. So next time, instead of rushing into metros heading home, try to take a walk in the neighborhood and talk to people. If they have a story that needs to be multiplied, write a blog about it or tweet it. For social media is more than just a channel, it should be a connector bringing people’s distances closer. 


  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Evelyn Chou, Aaron Cruz. Aaron Cruz said: Check this out! RT @Evyfindstheway: Social Media for a Good Cause: http://wp.me/pl46X-1u […]

  2. Hi Evelyn! Thanks for writing a blog post about this. When I was trying to find my own voice in blogging, I tried to think about what I really found enjoyment from, which was good causes and nonprofit work, so that I could be using my presence on social media to spread the word about things I felt were worthwhile. Social media helps spread messages to so many people, it’s probably the best FIRST step for causes/nonprofits to get small pieces of information about why they matter to the public.

    On the topic of social media for a good cause, what do you think of Jumo? It isn’t launched yet, but I quite like the idea of using social media to connect people directly to causes/nonprofits they care about. 🙂

    BTW I’m @vickytchou from Twitter as well. I’m a newbie blogger on wordpress but I hope I’ll be able to formulate better blogs (like yours!) in the future 🙂

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