No, you Do care.

In Inspiration, Viva-La-Vida on 2010/10/05 at 3:48 PM
Have you often heard people say, “I don’t care” whether at work or in life?

For some reason these 3 words annoy the crap out of me.

Maybe it’s because I take things/words too literal (because English is not my native language) or maybe it’s just my stubborn personality that I would rather take responsibility than kick it somewhere else. In short, I think I care.

I have been reading Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin” and a very big part of his idea of being indispensable is to ship and to deliver. And for me, caring about something means you want to take the ownership and you want to deliver the project/mission, whether finishing up a no-brainer project or figuring out everyone’s schedule to make a social event happen. Whether big or small, caring about something is the first step of being an artist, or, a linchpin.

For a while I was convinced that I don’t care. But I realize as I stop putting my heart and effort into projects or life circumstances I become less happy because it feels like I am not even making an impact to either work or life. I was confused, struggled, and frustrated; then I say to myself, “maybe I do care or maybe it’s time to start caring and getting my hands dirty.”

There’s no excuse for not caring. Because once you stop caring, you lose the strength to make a difference or even to find the meaning of what you are doing. Aren’t we all trying to find a “meaningful life”? A meaningful life doesn’t exist in billion-salary-jobs, doesn’t exist in gigantic mansion in Manhattan, and certainly doesn’t exist in times when one sits there and whines about “I don’t care.” A meaningful life resides in the moment you & I start to put our heart into trifle things we do, pleasant or not. Nobody said it will be easy, but by being passive and not caring, one forsakes the opportunity of being an artist to make something better happen at the very beginning.

So from now on, start to care.

  1. I agree. You need to care to follow any passion you have, be it personally or professionally. Half assed isn’t really what speaks to people.

    The conundrum when you’re surrounded by people that don’t care. It’s a debilitating environment, but optimism helps!

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  3. So relevant in todays economy, the right kind of focused passion helps sustain and grow a companies bottom line… and even if it shrinks due to circumstances out of control you have the satisfaction of knowing you gave it your best effort. This type of thinking will help one find the right kind of new professional opportunities. Thanks for posting this Evelyn!

  4. Thanks John. I think another challenge for both of us is the reality: how do we keep our head above the water when reality kicks in. Thoughts on that?

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