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Will You Allow Search Engine to Tell You Who to Trust?

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Google Social Search Launches, Gives Results From Your Trusted “Social Circle”

Upon reading this, I was so excited about this novel experiment combining our daily life (yes, most of people do more than 5 searches from Google so I boldly conclude search engine is part of our life) with our network, personally or professionaly. I even played with Google Lab to see how this social search works if utilizing on a biz purpose. Without too much luck finding people sharing similar “search terms,” I give this search milestone a second thought.

As technology gets more and more sophisticated, our personal interaction with the whole world gets funkier & funkier. People request to be your friends on facebook even though you have no idea where they pop up; followers based on common interest or even some “spammy” words drive marketers to Twitter-gold-rush; you search a term today and tomorrow you have 10+ service provider in your inbox selling you their stuff. It’s just too spontaneous, too fast, and too overwhelming, as if the basic trust is getting lost in algorithm. And now by introducing this social search, what Google trying to do, from my perspective, is to rebuild this tangible boundary between our need (search) and our privacy (those who we trust).

But I guess the question lies in: who? Can that piece of information be told by search engine? Can that be determined by whom we connect with over the Internet? While this might be a perfect news for those experienced marketers (with thousands of followers @ twitter, experienced in Google Reader, Google Profile…etc), I wonder as consumers being pushed to “trust” what search engine suggested (based on our networks & keywords), will we, sooner or later, find out it is another tool allowing either technology or sales approach us?

I really don’t have an answer, but I guess we will see the result in the next 6 months or so!

Passion, Walk of Life.

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~ It’s not about how much you know, it’s about how open you embrace knowledge


No Word can express exactly how I feel at this moment.

I still work 40+ hours a day, feeling mostly brain-dead when I get home

But regarding the conflict between my passion & reality, I think I find a fine tune utilizing my inspiration of marketing, branding, and PR, jazzing up my job responsibility and harmoniously collaborating with my colleagues. And then here’s my passion again. I love being a marketer, and yes, always a dreamer, and my own cheer-leader.




What kind of swag would you prefer?

In Marketing on 2009/09/28 at 10:21 AM

“Evelyn, this is your package.”

“What?” I have no idea what this rectangular paper box come from.

Unwrapping the box as excited as a little kid, I am, partially, eager to find out what presents I get from this “creative marketing solutions,” but more desiring to know what this creative promotional swag can surprise me.

And here it is, under the bed of the box is a pile of shredded recycle paper, hid a diamond green digging trowel.

“We send them for three reasons:

First, to bring xxx company to your attention.

Second, to make clear our interest in working with you.

And third, to symbolize the business philosophy by which we operate: Digging Deeper, Working Smarter.”

Honestly speaking, the novelty of this digging trowel didn’t inspire me as much as this cute memo, but it’s definitely something new for my food of thought in regards to the true meaning of promotional products.

Everyone likes gifts, but marketers like you & I definitely look at these swag (something we all get) at a different angle. We focus on not only how impressive these catchy these promotional items are, we also dig beyond these gifts to find out its creative ideas & how we can relate the idea to branding.

In a recent blog post from Article Feeder titled “Choosing your promotional products,” the writer made some great points about promotional products. The rationale behind choosing a certain promotional item consists three factors: your own company image, your customer profile, and whether the product adding any value to the person’s practical uses.

I’m sure everyone has received promotional pens, mouse pad, t-shirts…etc, and it is true even these simple items deliver different messages based on its quality and deliver method (whether you receive it in mail or handed by a sales person). A female, 20 something marketer like me, is always looking for more inspiring creative ideas in all marketing channel. I remember receiving a bundle of flowers made by Cheryl Co. cookies from a PR company, a wolf claw shaped rice crispy from a hotel, and many other simply & lovely, yet outstanding swags that outshine many other buzz I get throughout the day.

What are some impressive swag you’ve gotten today?